Walking Through Walls Excerpts


Wang bound the last bunch of wheat stalks. The sun beat down on the field. Sweat poured from the back of his neck, drenching the cotton shirt he wore. I hate this work. He hurled the bundles on a cart. "Father, the bales are stacked. I am going home. It is too hot."


After breakfast, the students went to the wood site to chop more wood. Wan did not realize how sore his hands were until he went to swing the axe. In mid-air it slipped from his grip. "OWWIIIEEE," screamed Wang. He dropped to the ground in pain. "OOHHH, this cannot be good." He squinted and peeked at his foot, fearing it might be cut off. Fortunately, the axe fell broadside. Wang look around to see if anyone was coming to his aid. Not a soul stirred. The students in his group continued working.


Wang thought his plan through. It will be easy to take valuables by walking through walls. First I will make sure no one is home. Then I will walk right in. Locked doors will not stop me. No one can stop me. 

The Master's warning about using the magic for good rather than evil tugged at Wang's heart, but becoming rich was more important to him. After all, taking from the rich did not count. That is what Wang kept telling himself. But deep, deep down he knew better. His thoughts also kept returning to Chen and his sister, Yin. Knowing how he disappointed Chen made him uncomfortable. But, he had no time for such thoughts, he chose his path.